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Rochester Public Schools 2022-23 Budget Notes: Federal COVID-19 Funding

Pages 22-23 of the budget book presents information on past and future spending of the funding received from three Federal appropriation acts: CARES, CRRSA and ARP. The total amount of funding the District will receive from those three sources is $40.6 million.

✅The budget document (as of May 2) shows that the District has spent $15.2 million of this allocation so far; a more recent update from our Finance Department has expenditures at $16.0 million (see photo).

✅The 2022-23 RPS budget includes an additional $9.2 million in expenditures “to support positions like strategic planning, technology, social workers, school counselors, COVID-19 response facilitators, equity specialists, and summer school costs of teachers, paraprofessionals, transportation, field trips and supplies."

✅This leaves approximately $15 million of COVID funding still available to the district to use between now and September of 2024, which is the deadline for spending these funds.


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