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Accountability and transparency are extremely important to me.
I am so honored to have been elected to the school board in 2018, and I would like to be transparent
about how I performed on my campaign promises over the past 4 years.

  • School safety:

    • Upgraded building entry infrastructure and emergency alert communications

    • Made more mental health services available to students


  • District communication:

    • Prioritized two-way communication

    • Improved communication of school board agendas and opportunities to provide input before decisions are made

    • Strengthened standing community advisory committees to provide important input to the District


  • Teachers and staff

    • Prioritized the input of  teachers and staff to identify the resources and professional development opportunities they need to address the needs of today’s students


  • Strategic planning: 

    • Developed short-term and long-term priorities, milestones, and timeframes for completion and re-evaluation

    • Communicated how priorities are being incorporated into decisions on staffing and budgets with educators, families, and the community

    • Included plans for evaluating how priorities were implemented in programs and curricula


  • Revenues and expenditures:

    • Avoided damaging budget cuts

    • Advocated for adequate funding from state

    • Obtained community support for capital funding of new school facilities

    • Considered Rochester’s economy and tax impacts before making long-term finance decisions on capital or operations​​

    • Supported operating tax levy amounts that have been level or decreasing since 2019.


  • Student achievement and evaluation of improvement strategies:

    • Set priorities based on evaluating current student needs and how current programs and curricula are supporting student proficiency and achievement


  • Superintendent evaluation:

    • Developed a structured superintendent evaluation tool and review process

    • Incorporated surveys of students, teachers and families into an evaluation process

    • Completed superintendent evaluation once in each 12-month period


  • New school construction:

    • Addressed enrollment and current building capacity challenges as needed in the near-term

    • As part of new school construction decisions, ensured a transparent process for gathering community input and shared planning parameters and data with the community

    • Updated the process for gathering community-wide input on boundary adjustments to make sure it includes diverse perspectives

    • Board oversight supported on-time and on-budget completion of all the 2019 referendum construction projects


  • Hands-on learning curriculum:

    • Supported expansion of CTECH

    • Supported opening of PTECH


  • Partnerships: 

    • Increased partnerships with Rochester’s non-profit and business community that address workforce needs and enhance program opportunities in our K-12 classrooms, including with Cradle 2 Career, Mayo Clinic, IBM, and local small businesses.

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