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I am passionate about providing a high-quality, world-class education for all Rochester students. From raising my own kids to volunteering around town, I understand the power of learning in shaping lives and uplifting our community. I also advocate for the importance of having public leaders who are disciplined, fact-driven, and empathetic decision makers.


For many years, I worked as a healthcare and public policy consultant in state and local agencies and legislatures across the US; in these roles, I developed policies, program evaluations, budgets, and litigation analysis. One of my proudest achievements has been winning over $200 billion in a settlement between tobacco companies and state Attorneys General for the medical harms of smoking, as one member of a team of lawyers and data experts.


I was honored to be elected to the Rochester Public School Board in November 2018. I was inspired to run for this position after many years of volunteering at my kids’ schools, serving on educational committees, and organizing community groups. During my first term on the school board, I served as:

  • Vice Chair

  • Chair of the Policy Committee

  • Member of the Community Engagement Committee

  • Member of the Tri-Government Committee. 

  • Member of the Policy Committee

  • Member of the Community Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee (CCIAC)

  • Member of the Parent/Family Involvement Committee

Some of my most meaningful board work during this time was participating on the Coherence Committee with other community stakeholders as we developed the Strategic Action Plan 2022-2025, a three-part comprehensive plan for improving the school district, our equity and inclusion efforts, and community engagement.

Outside of my board duties, I am dedicated to serving Rochester’s residents and improving opportunities for all in our community. My education advocacy and volunteer community activities have included:


  • Cradle to Career Leadership Table; Member and Co-Chair

  • InSciEd Out Foundation; Board Member

  • Pipsqueaks Indoor Playground; Founding Board Member

  • Rochester Area Council PTSA; President 

  • Rochester Area Council PTSA; "Families Power Student Success" Trainer

  • Alliance for Strong Rochester Public Schools; Chair

  • Minnesota PTA; Board Member and Advocacy Commissioner

  • Minnesota PTA STEM + Families; Leader

  • Church Communities; Outreach, Faith Formation, and Lector​

Rochester Public Schools

  • Century PTSA; President/Communications Committee Chair

  • Century STEM Society; Advisor

  • Century High School Honor Society; Advisor

  • Lincoln K-8; Community Relations Chair

  • Strategic Planning Action Team (2013)

  • Gifted Services Committee; Facilitator

  • Community Focus Team; Member

  • Community Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee; Member

Minnesota Department of Education

  • Every Student Succeeds Act State Plan Workgroup; Member

  • Report Card/Data Reporting Workgroup​; Member

I have lived in Rochester since 2000 with my husband Mark and our two sons, Gregory (Century Class of 2013)  and Jared (Century Class of 2019). I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but have also lived in Texas, Iowa, and Indiana, before settling in Minnesota. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago and have a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago. I love spending time with my friends and family—especially talking about books, movies and shows; cooking together; and going to live music concerts. I am an avid sports fan, proudly cheering on the Purdue Boilermakers, Loyola Ramblers, and Minnesota United.

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