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Strategic Action Plan 2022-2025 Overview

When I ran for School Board in 2018, one of my key priorities was the development of a detailed strategic plan for Rochester Public Schools - and this priority is close to being accomplished. The RPS Strategic Action Plan 2022-2025 has been under development since September of 2021 and is being presented to the School Board at the May 17 Study Session. The Board will have further discussion at the June 7 Regular Meeting, the June 14 Study Session, and a vote is expected at the June 21 Regular Meeting

The "Planning for Purpose Road Map" provides an overview of the Strategic Action Plan.

As Superintendent Pekel describes in his introductory letter. "the Strategic Action Plan is a complex document. It includes 26 strategic initiatives, grouped together in six strategic focus areas and that are aimed at achieving 15 broad objectives...but what is the main thing of the RPS Strategic Action Plan? For me, the main thing is purpose: purpose for students and purpose for educators...A wide array of initiatives in the RPS Strategic Action Plan are aimed at helping both students and educators recognize and realize their purpose in school and in life...(and) also launches initiatives to make the work of educators and other staff in Rochester Public Schools more purposeful and rewarding."

The Strategic Action Plan was developed through the work of 75 people representing the Rochester community (and including School Board members) in 26 action working groups. Data was gathered to inform decisions through three surveys - responses were received from 3557 parent/caregivers, 1654 RPS staff, and 285 community members. Thirteen focus groups were held with students, parents/caregivers, RPS staff and representatives from city/county government and community organizations. Two additional focus groups were conducted to capture perspectives from Black or African American parents/caregivers.

I hope you will read the RPS Strategic Action Plan, watch the discussions at the upcoming School Board meetings, and share your feedback with the Board and Superintendent. It will take the entire RPS community working together to implement this Strategic Action Plan. I look forward to uncovering the opportunities and meeting the challenges that the Strategic Action Plan holds so that we can realize the hopes and expectations we have for student and staff success in Rochester Public Schools.


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