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9/20/22 School Board Meeting Preview

School Board Regular Meeting on Tuesday, September 20 at 5:30pm. Draft agenda and documents here:

Agenda highlights:

⏺3. Comments to the Board - info on how to make comments to the Board:

⏺4.01 Information and Outreach - Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students Recognition

⏺4.02 Information and Outreach - Lincoln K-8 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award

⏺4.03 Information and Outreach - Rochester Public School Foundation Grants

⏺4.04 Information and Outreach - Report on Back to School 2022/23

⏺4.05 Information and Outreach - Dakota Middle School Logo Reveal

⏺6.01 Focus Topic - School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) Goals and Levers Overview

⏺8.01 Preparation for Action - Policy Recommendations - Non-Substantive Policy Changes

⏺8.02 Preparation for Action - Approval of Proposed School District Property Tax Levy Payable 2023

⏺11.01 Other Business - Closed Session

The School Board will be meeting in person in the board room at the Edison Building and the meeting will be streamed online at:


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