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8/2/22 School Board Meeting Preview

You've heard me talk a lot lately about the "Planning for Purpose" Strategic Plan that will guide the work of Rochester Public Schools for the next three years - this is the School Board meeting to watch to see how the Superintendent intends to implement the Strategic Plan. Don't miss it!

The School Board has a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, August 2 at 5:30pm. Regular meeting draft agenda and documents here:

Agenda highlights:

⏺3. Comments to the Board

⏺4.01 Mobile Health Unit

⏺6.01 Adult Learning through Community Education

⏺7.01 Strategic Plan Implementation

⏺8.01 Approval for distributed Antennae Service for Dakota Middle School

The School Board will be meeting in person in the board room at the Edison Building and the meeting will be streamed online at:


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