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8/17/21 School Board Meeting Preview

The next School Board meeting is Tuesday, August 17 at 5:30pm.

The School Board will be meeting in person in the board room at the Edison Building.

The meeting will be streamed online at:

Agenda highlights:

⏺3.01-3.08 Comments to the Board

⏺4.01 Teacher of the Year: Natalia Benjamin

⏺4.03 Safe and Open Schools Plan

⏺4.04 Goals for Interim Superintendent

⏺7.01 School Resource Officer (SRO) Memorandum of Understanding

⏺8.02 Approval of 2020-2021 Budget Adjustments as of June 30, 2021

⏺8.03 Referendum Projects Update

⏺8.04 Stipends for Shortage Positions to Strengthen Recruitment (Paraprofessionals)

⏺9.01 Discussion Continuation of MN Dept. of Human Rights and Discipline Data

⏺9.02 Policy 808 (Face Coverings)

⏺9.03 Policy Committee Recommendations

Items may be added to the draft agenda before the meeting or by a motion adopted at the meeting.

Information on providing Comments to the Board can be found here:

Next School Board Meetings:

August 24, 2021 Study Session 5:00 pm

September 7, 2021 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm

September 21, 2021 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm


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