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7/13/21 School Board Meeting Preview

The next School Board meeting is Tuesday, July 13. Public comments at 5:30 pm; meeting to begin at approximately 6:00pm. Agenda highlights:

  • Update on State Funding from the Minnesota Legislature (3.02)

  • 2021 District-wide Radon and Lead in Water Testing and Results (6.01 and 6.02)

  • Long Term Facility Maintenance Revenue (LTFMR) Plan for FYs 2022-2031

  • Co-op with Rochester Lourdes High School Girl's Lacrosse 2021 through 2023 (7.03)

  • Policy Committee Recommendations Second Reading (8.01)

  • Policy 808 - Face Covering Policy and Procedure 808A - Face Covering exemption/Face Shield Authorization (8.02)

Meeting agenda and documents here: Items may be added to the draft agenda before the meeting or by a motion adopted at the meeting.

The School Board will be meeting in person in the board room at the Edison Building. The meeting will be streamed online at

District stakeholders have opportunity to address the Board directly during a 30 minute “Public Comments” session before the Regular School Board meeting is called to order. Public Comments are not part of the board meeting, live-streamed or taped for later viewing. Important Details: If you wish to address the School Board, it is recommended that you call the Superintendent’s Office at (507) 328-4256 before 3 pm. on the day of the meeting. You will be asked to provide your name and home address, as well as the topic of your comments. Full details are available here, including information on COVID-19 mitigation during public comments:


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