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12/6/22 School Board Study Session Preview

The School Board meets on Tuesday, December 6 at 5:00pm for a Study Session.

Study Session preview:

📣Hear community feedback on District issues in 3.01 Community Priorities Survey Results

⏲🚌Hear about plans to study and develop new recommendations in 3.02 DISC 4: Start Times and Transportation

Did you know: DISC stands for "District-Wide Initiatives for Systems Change", which is the abbreviation for the system-wide initiatives RPS is undertaking as part of our three-year Strategic Plan.

👨‍✈️Get an update on the implementation of the SRO Contract and data on referrals to law enforcement in 3.03 School Resource Officer Working Group Report

📜We'll discuss the District Priorities for the Upcoming Legislative Session in item 3.04

📅The Board will receive recommendations about the 2023-24 school year calendar in 4.01 Year Ahead School District Calendar Review. No vote will be taken at this meeting - the vote is scheduled for December 13.

Agenda item information in Board Docs:

The meeting will be available on You Tube at

As per School Board Policy 206, there will be no Comments to the Board at this meeting.

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