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12/13/22 Regular School Board Meeting Preview

The School Board meets on Tuesday, December 13.

At 6:00 pm there will be a Special Session/Truth in Taxation Public Hearing.

Immediately following, there will be a Regular Meeting.

Regular Meeting agenda highlights:

📣3. Comments to the Board - info on how to make comments to the Board:

🎭👩‍🎓We're recognizing outstanding students for their accomplishments in activities and academics in item 4.01

💐We'll honor outgoing School Board member Melissa Amundsen in item 4.02

📆The School District Calendar for 2023-24 will be considered for approval in the Consent Agenda (5.09)

▶📊Item 6.01 is an update from Willow Creek on their School Continuous Improvement Plan for this school year.

▶📖The School Board will review a draft of a new School Board Handbook in item 7.01

▶📜Recommendations from the Policy Committee in items 7.02 and 7.03

▶Action Items include 💲 8.01 Approval of School District Property Taxes Payable in 2023 and 🏛8.02 Approve Priorities for Upcoming Legislative Session

Agenda item information is available in Board Docs:

▶Truth in Taxation Public Hearing

▶Regular Meeting

The meeting will be available on You Tube at


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