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11/22/22 School Board Meeting Preview

The School Board meets on Tuesday, November 22.

At 5:30pm there will be a Special Session/Public Hearing on the World's Best Work Force and Achievement and Integration Plans. Immediately following, there will be a Regular Meeting.

Regular Meeting agenda highlights:

📣3. Comments to the Board - info on how to make comments to the Board:

▶We're recognizing outstanding student athletes in item 4.01 Student Athletics Recognition and retiring Executive Director of Operations Scott Sherden in 4.02

▶6.01 Professional Development plans for RPS educators

▶7.01 Summary of Students Accessing High School and College Credit

▶7.02 Referendum Update - Century Pool and Secure Entries

▶7.03 District’s Energy Saving Initiative with Cenergistic

▶8.01 November 3 and 11, 2022 Policy Committee Meeting Recommendations (First Reading 11/22/22)

▶9.01 Approval of Revised Community Budget Advisory Committee Charge Statement

▶9.02 World's Best Workforce and Achievement and Integration Plans Approval

Agenda item information in Board Docs:

▶Special Session/Public Hearing

▶Regular Meeting

The meeting will be available on You Tube at


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