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10/11/22 School Board Meeting Preview

The next School Board meeting is a Study Session on Tuesday, October 11 at 5:00pm. Agenda preview:

▶Hear about how we will be accountable for progress and outcomes on the Strategic Plan in 3.01 Strategic Plan: System-Level Goals, Measures, and Improvement Targets Planning

▶Hear about progress on this year's School Board goals in 3.02 Board Goals Update 2022-23

▶Hear about questions we might be asking the Rochester community in 3.03 Community Survey Content Discussion

▶Get info on topics scheduled for upcoming School Board meetings in 4.01 Most Recent ABCD (Annual Board Calendar Draft)

Information on the agenda items are in Board Docs:

The meeting will be available on You Tube at

As per School Board Policy 206, there will be no Comments to the Board at this meeting.


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