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1/5/2021 School Board Meeting Preview

The next School Board meeting is Tuesday, January 5 beginning at 5:30 pm. Full agenda at link and in photo.

Agenda Items of interest:


▶3.02 COVID Update - Local Situation and Vaccine Planning - Information - Graham Briggs from Olmsted County Public Health will be presenting.

▶5.02 Approval of Learning Model Change - Briefing - More details about the proposal for the next phase of the learning model for January will be presented, you can preview the slide presentation at the link below:

School Board Governance:

The meeting will include a number of agenda items required to occur at the first meeting in January. The two new school board members will be sworn in; a Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk and Treasurer will be elected; and the Board will approve a few resolutions related to the operation of the Board.

▶7.08 Ad Hoc Calendar Committee - Briefing

▶7.09 Approval of Revisions to the Policies and Procedures Manual - Briefing

Budget and Finance Items:

▶7.05 Five-Year General Fund Financial Forecast – Information

▶7.06 Budget Planning for 2021-2022 - Information

Referendum Projects and Boundary Adjustments:

▶7.01 Approval of Alternate #1 from the 2019 Elementary School Bid Package #2 -Briefing

▶7.02 Approval of Alternate #1 from Middle School Bid Package #3 - Briefing

▶7.03 Approval of Knutson Construction as Construction Manager Agent for the District - Briefing

▶7.07 Naming the New Elementary School Building - Briefing

A reminder on what the status of each agenda item means:

✅Consent Agenda - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item at this meeting.

✅Information - the Board is receiving information; no Board action/vote will be taken.

✅Briefing - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item - it could be moved to Action at this or a later meeting.

✅Action - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item at this meeting.

The meeting will be "virtual" - watch online at

If anyone would like to make a public comment to the Board, please email your comments to Mechelle Severson by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, and please include your name, address, and phone number as per our normal public comment procedure.


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