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1/17/23 School Board Meeting Preview

The School Board has a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 5:30pm. Agenda highlights:

🧱See the new graphic Strategic Plan Summary in 4.03

🧾The Consent Agenda includes approval of the Student Nutrition Services contract (5.06) and the Longfellow 2023-24 Calendar (5.08)

🎯Two Focus Topics: 🎭⚽6.01 Extracurricular Activities Update and 🏫6.02 SCIP Update: Churchill/Hoover Elementary School

🕶Monitoring Items include an update on the implementation of this year's 👮‍School Resource Officer Contract (7.01) and a mid-year update from the 👨‍⚖️Superintendent on his goals (7.02)

✅Action Items: Approval of Deeper Learning Grant Funds (9.01) and Approval of Additional School Resource Officer(9.02)

Agenda and documents at:

📣Comments to the Board - info on how to make comments to the Board:

The meeting will be available on You Tube at


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