02/16/2021 School Board Meeting Preview - Updated

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The next School Board meeting is Tuesday, February 16 beginning at 5:30 pm. Full agenda at link and in photo.


Items may be added to the draft agenda before the meeting or by a motion adopted at the meeting.

Agenda Items of interest:

COVID, Learning Models and Future Planning

▶3.01 Transforming the RPS Summer Experience - Information

▶3.05 COVID Update - Information

Research Proposal:

▶5.01 Research Request: Emotional impacts of COVID-19 on High School Student Athletes - Briefing

Equity Issues

▶5.02 American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC) - Briefing

Referendum Building Projects:

▶3.04 Boundary Advisory Committee - Information

▶7.01 Referendum Update - Information:

▶7.02 Approval of Proposal for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Plumbing for new Harriet Bishop Elementary School - Briefing:

▶7.04 Approval to Transfer Real Property - Briefing

▶7.08 Naming Middle School Process - Discussion

▶7.09 Naming the New Elementary School Building - Action

Budgets, Finance and Enrollment

▶7.05 Enrollment Projections- Briefing

Superintendent Search

▶7.06 Authorization to Secure Proposals for Superintendent Search Services - Briefing

A reminder on what the status of each agenda item means:

✅Consent Agenda - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item at this meeting.

✅Information - the Board is receiving information; no Board action/vote will be taken.

✅Briefing - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item - it could be moved to Action at this or a later meeting.

✅Action - the Board is being asked to take action/vote on this item at this meeting.

The meeting will be "virtual" - watch online at www.youtube.com/ISD535.

If anyone would like to make a public comment to the Board, please email your comments to Mechelle Severson meseverson@rochester.k12.mn.us by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, and please include your name, address, and phone number. These public comments will be delivered to School Board members via email for them to read.

Upcoming Meetings

8.02 February 23, 2021, School Board Retreat: Board Self-Evaluation

8.03 March 2, 2021, Regular Meeting of the School Board

8.04 March 16, 2021, Regular Meeting of the School Board

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