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Penny Alsager

Tamsin C. Barlow

Leah Baethke

Valeria Cristiani

Amy Coffman

Kelly Derby

Karen Edmonds

Laura Ehling

Megan Fogelson

Ana Folpe

Rhonda and Sebastian Fuhrer

Kathryn Gardner

Susan Goettsch

Anjali Goradia

Becky Greseth

Diane and Brad Hanson

Jennifer Harveland
Sherry Jester

Gale and Tam Julius-Berven

Janine Kellogg

Katie Kuisle
Jean Locke

Tina Liebling and Mark Liebow

Sonya Lundstrom

Alexandra K Morrissey

Kathleen and Robert Murphy

Melissa Murphy

Beth Napton

Meghan Olsen

Theresa Peplinski

Jean Prokott

Joy Deborah Robison

Sarah Ryan

Shannon Marie Peterson

Kari Pritchard

Muriel Schornack

Colleen Spillers

Cathy Stroebel

Desiree Strom

Sid Thompson

Treedome (Maggie & Nate)

Becky A Tri

Erin Vasquez (Munson)

Dee and Erik Voldal

Julie Warner

Al Weiner

Lindee Welk

Heather Willman

"Cathy Nathan brings energy, experience, and wisdom to every table she joins. Please allow her to keep doing the necessary work of our school board."

 - Joy Deborah Robison

"Cathy Nathan works hard for our kids, our school staff, and our whole community. She brings passion, expertise, and caring to the job. We need her on the school board!"

 - Tina Liebling

"Cathy works for all students and all staff. As a teacher and parent, I fully support Cathy Nathan for school board."

 - Laura Ehling

"Cathy is the real deal! she is intelligent, forward thinking, and looks at all perspectives when making decisions. She is honest, caring and puts the hearts of our students first when making decisions that impact RPS."

 - Colleen Spillers

"Cathy Nathan has been an advocate and passionate supporter of RPS for over twenty years. Her vast experience as a parent, volunteer, PTSA board member, along with her dedicated service to her current school board position make Cathy the ideal choice for a second term. I highly recommend Cathy Nathan for the Rochester Public School Board.."

 - Penny Alsager

"Cathy Nathan is a superstar. Her knowledge, work ethic, and compassion is a tremendous gift to everyone in the school district." 

- Sid Thompson

"This year is one of the most important Rochester School Board elections in recent history. The community and its students and families have gone through unprecedented challenges during the course of the past three years. This election will determine if our District continues to move progressively forward supporting our students and educators and building bridges into the future for our entire community.

Cathy Nathan has been a leading light through the recent challenges and has provided a positive, thoughtful, intelligent, creative and trustworthy voice; never wavering from her proven focus and dedication to the various voices within our district and community. She has empathy and compassion and understanding of the importance of balance and inclusivity in the decisions she makes.


Cathy is a bridge-builder and strives to find ways to make those bridges stronger. Her communication style is open and transparent and her involvement in strategic planning only brings more credence to the heavy lifting that the District has done and will continue to do with her outstanding leadership.


We all need Cathy Nathan to continue in her role in moving the Rochester School District forward in support of our community students, families and educators.

- Linda Freeman

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