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Passionate  about our schools and the opportunities they offer to our young people.

Prepared with a strong knowledge of education policy and finance, and experience to make positive change.

Persistent advocate for improving our schools and inclusive, welcoming environments for all.

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Rochester Public Schools are woven into the fabric of our local community and identity. In everything I do, I strive to understand the unique needs of every student, educator, and family and to advocate for the best outcomes for all. I believe in the power of having tough, empathetic conversations with students, families, educators, and lawmakers to make sure all voices are at the table as we create spaces for kids to learn and thrive.

I have seen firsthand the power of education, community, and collaboration in Rochester. I am the proud parent of two Rochester Public School graduates, I spent many years as a community volunteer in our schools, and advocated for education resources for a decade before my first school board term. It has been an honor to serve on the Rochester Public School Board over the last four years and to help our community navigate the complex challenges we have faced together during that time.

I am running for my second term in Seat 6 to continue the work I have diligently dedicated myself to: using my voice to champion the needs of all students and to respect and support educators, and using my vote to back up my words with actions and resources for long term student success. Parents and educators don’t need to be policy experts - I am grateful for the opportunity to apply my experience as a healthcare policy advisor to dig into research, listen to all impacted groups, lead productive conversations with lawmakers, and build bridges between competing needs.

There are many of challenges facing our students, educators, and families. I am dedicated to collaborating with the community with a focus on:

  • Well-being. Students and educators deserve safe schools where they are respected and feel like they belong. I rededicate myself to ensuring our students and staff have the resources they need to center empathy, inclusion and belonging in our educational spaces. I will persistently advocate for resources to address the social and emotional needs of our students and educators, including increased mental health supports.

  • Academic Outcomes. We owe all students access to and the opportunity to participate in high quality learning experiences that build knowledge and skills for success in school and beyond. This is educational equity, and we can achieve it by creating welcoming learning environments for all, addressing the unique learning needs and characteristics of each student, and supporting educators with resources that address our diverse student community. I will monitor implementation of curriculum, learning standards, teaching strategies and student supports to ensure measurable improvements for all students in all our core academic subjects.

  • Transparency. RPS must welcome and empower all families as partners in the education of their children, and we need community collaboration to support our students and teachers. I will continue to communicate with families and our community at every step of the school board decision-making process. In all our conversations ahead, whether we agree or disagree, I promise to always listen, extend grace and respect, and assume positive intent.

  • Accountability. Whether implementing the Strategic Plan, approving the budget, or monitoring school safety and climate initiatives, I always make decisions based on detailed data and credible information. I will require that all plans include goals, metrics, and milestones to ensure our efforts achieve our desired outcomes within budgets and timelines.

Thank you for your support. Let’s keep working together for our community. Reach out any time with feedback, comments, and questions!

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