4/19/22 School Board Meeting Preview

Updated: Jun 29

The School Board will have two meetings on Tuesday, April 19. At 5:30 there will be a Public Hearing for Field Trip Fees with a Regular Meeting to follow. Regular meeting draft agenda and documents here:


Agenda highlights:

⏺3. Comments to the Board

Information on providing Comments to the Board can be found here:


⏺4.01 Student Athletics/Activities/Academic Recognitions

⏺6.01 Summer of Discovery 2022

⏺7.01 School Start TImes Evaluation and Planning

⏺7.02 Discipline Data Update

⏺7.03 Fund Balances Policy Review

⏺8.01 Policy Recommendations - March 25 and April 7 - 1st Briefing

⏺8.02 Procedure Recommendations - March 25 and April 7 - 1st Briefing

⏺9.01 School Resource Office Memorandum of Understanding

⏺9.02 Approval of Construction Costs for a Roundabout at Harriet Bishop Elementary School

⏺9.03 Research Study: A Prospective Study of Youth and Adolescent Injury Rates: Can Injuries Be Prevented?

⏺9.04 Approval of the Budget for Musical Instruments for Dakota Middle School and Overland Elementary School

⏺9.05 Acceptance of Proposals for the Sale and Issuance of General Obligation Facilities Maintenance Bonds, Series 2022A

⏺9.06 Acceptance of Proposals for the Sale and Issuance of Full-Term Certificates of Participation, Series 2022B

The School Board will be meeting in person in the board room at the Edison Building and the meeting will be streamed online at: www.youtube.com/isd535

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