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1/3/2023 School Board Meeting Preview

The School Board has a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 at 5:30pm. Agenda highlights:

Many agenda items at this meeting "organize" the School Board for the year:

🙋‍🙋‍🙋‍🙋‍Four Board members elected in November will take their Oath of Office and begin their terms (1.03)

🗳School Board Officers will be elected (4.01)

📝Review of the Ethics Policy, 2023 Committee Assignments and the RPS Mission Statement (4.02, 4.03 and 4.04)

📅Approval of Board Meeting Dates for 2023 (10.02)

Focus Topic and Monitoring Items:

📊John Marshall's School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) for this school year (7.01)

✏Grading for Learning Update (8.01)

Preparation for Action Items:

📜Second Reading of Policies from December 1, 2022 Policy Committee Meeting (9.01)

👮‍Approval of Additional School Resource Officer (9.02)

Action Items include :

📖 10.01 Approval of School Board Handbook

💲10.03 Approval of Budget Adjustments as of October 31, 2022

📣Comments to the Board - info on how to make comments to the Board:

The meeting will be available on You Tube at


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